A Message from the Superintendent

HCSD Forward

The Secret to our Success

A Message from the Superintendent

Our low class sizes, safe and clean schools, and overall excellence would not be possible were it not for the fact that we work closely with all of our parents, the Hillsborough Schools Foundation, the Associated Parent Group, the Town of Hillsborough, the Hillsborough Police Department, Central County Fire, the Hillsborough Beautification Foundation, the Hillsborough Garden Club, and many more civic and community organizations. Our students' success is something about which we can all be proud.

High academic achievement has always been one of our most important goals, and our performance has been consistently high in this area. We also aspire to our Essential Outcomes for our students:

With the support of the whole school community, students will work towards becoming…

People of good character who are…

  • ethical, trustworthy, responsible, fair, and respectful
  • empathetic, caring, kind, and positively intentioned
  • invested in making a positive impact on their family, community, and world
  • self-reliant, self-directed, and demonstrate positive self-advocacy

Innovators and problem solvers who are…

  • critical, innovative, and creative contributors
  • collaborative, constructive, and dependable group members and leaders
  • flexible, adaptable, and reflective
  • risk takers who understand that failure is temporary
  • resilient, perseverant, and show grit

Effective communicators who…

  • listen to and think deeply about multiple perspectives
  • are clear, persuasive, and can articulate complex ideas
  • utilize a variety of communication modes, including writing
  • speak with confidence
  • ask questions to enhance their understanding

Global citizens who…

  • embrace other cultures, communities, and people of all abilities
  • have an understanding of other languages, religions, cultures, and lifestyles
  • see themselves as part of an interconnected, interdependent world

Lifelong learners who…

  • pursue and contribute to their passions
  • have strong content knowledge that is broad, deep, and continues to grow
  • demonstrate initiative, are organized, and plan ahead
  • have follow-through, show diligence, and maintain focus
  • are curious and pursue learning for its own sake

Effective users of information, media, and technology who…

  • can access, analyze, and synthesize information
  • distinguish between reliable and unreliable information
  • can use technology to research, create, communicate, and express ideas
  • demonstrate positive and appropriate digital citizenship

HCSD Forward

The Hillsborough City School District and the larger community has collaborated on a visioning process called HCSD Forward to ensure that the District is always innovating. As part of HCSD Forward, the Board of Trustees has approved these five bold new initiatives:

Initiative #1: World Language/World Culture

  • Students in our district will develop a perspective and appreciation of multiple world cultures and will engage with multiple world languages led by high-quality, well-trained staff members.
  • Students will learn how to approach multiple cultures and languages, and develop an understanding and appreciation of the fact that we live in an interconnected global village.
  • As they progress in our system, students will select one world language to learn more deeply, with an option for students who choose a rigorous course of instruction to move towards fluency.

Initiative #2: Technology

  • Students and staff will utilize technology to enhance learning, to find and assimilate information, to create content, to demonstrate learning, to practice skills, to express ideas, and to build solutions.
  • Students and staff will create, explore, curate, publish, write, present, edit, film, and engage with others while effectively utilizing a myriad of different tools, and exhibiting digital citizenship.
  • Our district will continuously invest resources to adapt to new technologies that can contribute to learning and teaching and provide the infrastructure, training, and support necessary to ensure success.

Initiative #3: Meeting Specific Needs of Students

Identify and nurture the talents and needs of all students (the gifted, those that have specific needs, those with various learning styles, etc. Different strategies may need to be employed for different groups)

Initiative #4: Professional Growth

Create a district wide culture of professional growth and collaboration by implementing a well-resourced system that leads to improved teaching and learning, spurs innovation, and encourages life-long learning for all staff members.

Initiative #5: HCSD Culture

Build and encourage a culture of creativity, nimbleness, reasoned experimentation, and real-world application to prepare learners, both students and adults, for today and the future.

We invite you to join us in making these initiatives realities for our students.

The Secret to our Success

The Hillsborough City School District consistently scores in the top 1% in our state. Our students are accomplished academics, athletes, musicians, artists, and thinkers. I am often asked about the secrets of our success. The truth is, there is no secret! Our success is the result of the following:

  • High quality staff: Study after study finds that the single biggest contributor to a child's academic success is the skill of the child's teacher. Here in Hillsborough, we hire the highest quality teachers and provide the ongoing training and professional development they need to continue to grow. Our administrators are experts in their respective fields, and our support staff at the schools and central office is second to none.
  • Committed and involved families: Our parent community is amongst the most involved of any school District in the nation. Not only are they there to support their individual child's success, they also devote their time and resources to the success of all students across the District. Our students come to school ready to learn with the knowledge that they are loved and with the understanding that learning is important to their futures.
  • Supportive Board: Our School Board is devoted to good governance, communication, transparency, and to supporting the educators in the District. They are devoted and committed leaders.
  • Vision: Together, the educators, Board, and community has a vision for the school district's future. We are committed to the Essential Outcomes. We believe in differentiation for students. We are committed to social emotional learning and to educating the whole child. Our shared vision can be seen in the buildings we've built, the bonds we have passed, and the programs we've started...but most importantly it can be seen in our student's success.
  • Commitment to excellence: This community is one of high expectations. We all expect a lot of ourselves and of others. We want our students to succeed at the highest levels. We expect parents to support our schools. We expect our teachers and administrators to work diligently to help our students succeed. Most importantly, we all support each other's efforts and are invested in each other's success.

These five ingredients are the main keys to our success.

Open Door Policy

If at any time you have questions or concerns regarding your child or any aspect of the school district's operation, please do not hesitate to give me, your principal, or one of our directors a call. The phrase “open door policy" means something in this district, and you will find us all to be very accessible and ready to listen. Because face-to-face conversations are always the most effective, I would also like to take this opportunity to invite you to attend the Superintendent Coffees during the year. These meetings give you an opportunity to learn more about the district and to ask questions and make comments. Though you'll see that the Superintendent Coffees are often held at specific school sites, you are invited to attend any and all of them. Because communication is so important, the last page of this letter includes the dates and times for the Superintendent Coffees, the School Board Meetings, and some quick reference numbers for your convenience.

Staff Resource for Student Safety

Gifted Resources for Staff


    • 300 El Cerrito Avenue
    • Hillsborough,
    • CA
    • 94010
  • Phone (650) 342-5193
  • Fax (650) 342-6964

Our schools have received 26 California Distinguished School Awards, 7 National Blue Ribbon Awards, and 29 Kent Awards for Innovative Programs. Our success is due to high quality staff, committed and involved families and community members, a supportive Board, a cohesive vision, and a strong commitment to excellence.
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More than two decades of research findings are unequivocal: the most important aspect of a school in terms of student learning is teacher quality, and our teachers are among the best!

Students in K-2 have access to a reading specialist. 3rd-5th grade students participate in our Innovation Labs where they create and explore. K-5 students participate in music classes, and 4th-8th grade students have access to instrument instruction. Spanish instruction begins in 4th grade, and Mandarin is offered in our middle school. All of our schools have a dedicated counselor, teacher librarian, physical educator, and more!

Through the generosity of donors, the Hillsborough Schools Foundation pledged $3.5 million to our schools for this school year. Last year's Fund-A-Need raised funds for traffic and safety. Thank you!
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Interested in current district discussions, view Superintendent Reports here.

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